1touch has a myriad of applications. We’ve suggested a few below, but we’re all ears if you have a new challenge for us.


All the content from your printed publication can be put into the 1touch platform. Plus, you can include additional content like videos and extra imagery. Make any weblinks or email contact direct, and engage with your readers via comments and social media options.


Reach everyone who needs to see your annual report with one simple link, saving on postage and printing costs. Add a personal touch with a video message from the CEO or other managers. Link to live financial information and stats and much more.


Whatever you’re selling, let 1touch get people a little bit closer to your product. It’s a rich browsing experience using fully automated tools, video and image galleries. Link your catalogue or brochure to your e-commerce system for a seamless user experience.


Step-by-step written instructions with visuals to follow or a video tutorial or both, 1touch won’t restrict you. Disseminate among a workforce with one easy-to-use link and any changes, that are made will be universal after just one edit. Create instruction manuals for use in the field across any mobile device.